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Soft absorbent cotton white reusable washcloth bath towel for baby, 
for delicate baby skin.

1 pc
Color: White 
Material: Cotton gauze
Size: 35 cm/13.75 - 75cm/29.53

Ensure Safety: This muslin washing cloth does not contain any chemical bleach or
fluorescent bleach.
Multi-function: Not only can be used as a baby washcloth, but also perfect for bath 
towels, burp cloth, baby wipes, sweat wipes, baby bibs, etc.

EASY CARE: This towel is super absorbent, super soft, super breathable. Easy to clean, 
easy to dry, easy to hang. Hand wash is recommended. Machine washable.
1. Water temperature controlled under 35 Celsius when washing.2. Do not wash with adult
clothes, better wash separately, because infant skin is tender with low Anti-acid-base ability.

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